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  • Tekirdağ GoTürkiye

    The Pearl of Marmara: A beautiful city with many beautiful sites to offer 

    Just 150 kilometres from İstanbul, Tekirdağ is a holiday paradise offering cultural heritage, sports activities, salty breeze of the sea and the unique gastronomy at the same time.

    You can either go for sports, embrace the natural beauties of Tekirdağ on sea or above the clouds, or you can opt for discovering the local wine and delicacies of the region. In any case, Tekirdağ promises you unforgettable moments.

    The are some ancient settlements in the vicinity of Tekirdağ, namely Perinthos in Marmara Ereğlisi district, Heraion Teichos in Karaevlialtı and Bisanthe in Barbaros. Tekirdağ is also a perfect destination for sea sports fans: the city offers amenities for many sports such as surfing and sailing. Either you are a foodie, history aficionado or sports fan, Tekirdağ will know how to meet your expectations.