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    Karacakılavuz Weavings

    Prayer rugs, carpets, tablecloths and saddlebags are handwoven with pure wool and cotton on oak or hornbeam looms. Karacakılavuz weavings, displaying traditional motifs and different patterns are the best souvenirs to bring back home to remember Tekirdağ.

    Nature in Tekirdağ

    For nature and sports enthusiasts, trekking in Ergene Valley (Ergene Vadisi), as well as along İnecik, Karaçalı, Tatarlı, Beyoğlu, Sağlamtaş and Çınarlıdere are all recommended. Also, the Ganos Mountains (Ganos Dağları) in Şarköy and the north of Saray offer superb destinations for hiking and trekking.

    Camping is another option to touch and feel the natural beauty of the region. Tekirdağ province’s Marmara Ereğlisi, Saray and Şarköy districts are ideal for camping and caravanning. Kastro, also known as Çamlıköy, is another camping site on the Black Sea coast, within Saray district. It is also a popular beach resort with its wide, lush green strip and river.

    Şarköy is an attractive alternative spot for surf lovers. One of the most preferred surfing centres in Türkiye; it is appreciated both by advanced-level surfers and beginners.

    Beaches in Tekirdağ

    The Marmara Sea is known for its freshness and its lower salt content. Very popular on weekends, Şarköy, Mürefte and Altınova are worth a visit with blue flag beaches.